iPod photo battery, rechargeable

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iPod photo battery, rechargeable

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Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable, with 3,7 V and 900 mAh mAh. (picture only similar)
With protection against short-circuit, overvoltage and overheating.

Compatible with Photo of the following models:
iPod Photo M9585*(40GB), iPod Photo M9585*/A(40GB)
iPod Photo M9585B/A(40GB), iPod Photo M9585CH/A(40GB),
iPod Photo M9585FE/A(40GB), iPod Photo M9585J/A(40GB),
iPod Photo M9585KH/A(40GB), iPod Photo M9585LL/A(40GB),
iPod Photo M9585TA/A(40GB), iPod Photo M9585X/A(40GB),
iPod Photo M9585ZR/A(40GB), iPod Photo M9585ZV/A(40GB),
iPod Photo M9586*(60GB), iPod Photo M9586*/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9586B/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9586CH/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9586FE/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9586J/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9586KH/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9586LL/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9586TA/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9586X/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9586ZR/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9586ZV/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9829*(30GB), iPod Photo M9829*/A(30GB),
iPod Photo M9829B/A(30GB), iPod Photo M9829CH/A(30GB),
iPod Photo M9829DK/A(30GB), iPod Photo M9829FD/A(30GB),
iPod Photo M9829FE/A(30GB), iPod Photo M9829J/A(30GB),
iPod Photo M9829KH/A(30GB), iPod Photo M9829LL/A(30GB),
iPod Photo M9829TA/A(30GB), iPod Photo M9829X/A(30GB),
iPod Photo M9829Z/A(30GB), iPod Photo M9830*(60GB),
iPod Photo M9830*/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9830B/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9830CH/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9830DK/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9830FD/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9830FE/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9830J/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9830KH/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9830LL/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9830TA/A(60GB),
iPod Photo M9830X/A(60GB), iPod Photo M9830Z/A(60GB) .

If you want the installation to be done by portatronics, please select the option below the product image.
In this case, please enter the serial number of the device, too.
If you want more than one article to be installed by portatronics, do not hesitate to write us, so that we can send you an indiviudal offer.

If you don't know to which generation or class your ipod belongs to:
Here you identify your iPod

If you want to install the part yourself:
Selfinstallation will be effected at your own risk.
Opening your device you might loose your warranty claim.

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 30 May, 2006.

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