Data back-up / data saving iPod und iPhone

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Data back-up / data saving iPod und iPhone

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You need to restore deleted files on Mac OS X, or Windows, such as important business documents, music, photos or videos?
Files or entire partitions have disappeared from your computer?
Can not access an external USB device or a camera card?

We can help you.

With this service in the price range of 79 ¤ we offer a data recovery and memory selection for PC, Laptop or Macbook.
Betriebssystem Betriebssystem des Gerätes nicht mehr arbeitet. ">The service is offered in this price frame only if the data store is not damaged on the hard side, but there is still no access to the data because the operating system of the device no longer works.

In our data backup, all data is saved, even those that are already deleted on the hard drive.
Any files or folders will be restored or reconstructed.
We can reconstruct over 300 file types with multiple recovery methods.

In the case of a backup, all data is saved, even those that are already deleted on the hard disk.

All data is stored in a directory structure, which is sorted by file transmission. Filenames, and original creation data, unfortunately can not be restored. Your saved photos with the filename filename * .jpg are then for example in a subfolder called where the individual images in the filename are numbered for example 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, 0003.jpg, 0004.jpg ... etc.

Your saved documents and books with the file name filename * .pdf are then for example in a subfolder named where the individual images in the filename are numbered for example 0001.pdf, 0002.pdf, 0003.pdf, 0004.pdf .... etc.


If the hard disk has a physical damage, (for example, producing noise, or no more jumping), we may be able to help in the repair of the hard disk or the storage medium. For this, you can request a quotation. The cost estimate, as stated in the article, is 79 ¤, the costs would be charged to the actual repair costs. Werktage Werktagen rechnen. ">For the creation of such a cost estimate, you must expect a processing time of approx. 14 business days.

The cost of restoring the data of a physically damaged hard drive is between 1,500 ¤ and 3000 ¤.
Before you agree to the repair of the hard disk or data recovery, you will be provided by us for a maximum of 14 days via an encrypted connection via the Internet accessible index of the directory structure of all the restored files, in which they can check whether all the data are for They are valuable.

The data carrier to back up data as much as twice the original volume can be made by you as a customer.
For example: - an empty USB stick or
- an empty hard drive

If you do not receive a data carrier, portatronics will charge one (or more) hard disk for the customer
For example Intenso Memory Case 1 TB USB 3.0 is provided.

Be careful::
For legal reasons, portatronics assumes no liability whatsoever for data collected on data carriers for data backup or restoration purposes.
Be careful::
The legitimacy of possession of the data to be protected can not be checked by portatronics. Therefore, portatronics does not assume any liability for unlawfully acquired data and only secures it as a service provider.


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