Data back-up / data saving iPod und iPhone

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Data back-up / data saving iPod und iPhone

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Media rescue
VHS and audio cassettes digitize & save space

Let your data digitize and save your memories and the music compilations of your youth ...
All the beautiful moments that you recorded with the VHS / VHS-C / miniDV camera and stored on tapes can now appear in a new glow and will be played back on their multimedia TV or smartphone.
Whether the unforgettable holiday, excursions with the children and grandchildren or the past family festivals - all these memories lie nowadays in many places dusty in a drawer.
Even if the beautiful events remain in the memory,
The quality of the recordings decreases every year.

When you digitize your audio cassettes, this has many advantages for you. Portatronics has a wealth of experience when it comes to digitizing audio video cassettes (VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C and S-VHS-C, miniDV) - convince yourself now.

When we digitize your VHS tapes, this means we bring your VHS to a USB stick or SD card. Due to the much smaller format, you will need significantly less space. If you can digitize a cassette with us, you usually get a USB stick.

In many households this means an enormous saving in space.

What does it cost to digitize VHS or audio cassettes?

In the following, we have listed an example for the digitization of video cassettes:

2 VHS cassettes with a 90 minute runtime are digitized and digitized on a 32 GB USB stick in the (mp4 format 640 √ó 480)

(Up to 8 cassettes can be stored on a USB stick with 8 GB)
2 Kass. X 15.95 ‚ā¨

1x 8 GB USB Flash Drive 9,95 ‚ā¨

31,90 ‚ā¨

9.95 ‚ā¨

Together only 41,85 ‚ā¨


In the following, we have listed an example for the digitization of audio cassettes:

2 audio cassettes with a 90 minute runtime are digitized and digitized on a 32 GB USB stick in the (mp3 128 bit stereo) format

(8GB can store up to 80 cartridges)
2 Kass. X 9.95 ‚ā¨

1x 8 GB USB Flash Drive 9,95 ‚ā¨

19,90 ‚ā¨

9.95 ‚ā¨

Together only 29,85 ‚ā¨

For security reasons, we only secure your data on a USB stick or data carrier purchased from us.
The USB stick can be purchased per order, but can not be used by us several times.
USB stick or data carriers which were purchased for their part are not accepted by us for data backup purposes.

The data carrier to back up the data (if possible twice as large as the original volume) can be made by you as a customer.
For example: - an empty USB stick or
- an empty hard drive

From portatronics one (or more) USB sticks with 8 GB (9.95 ‚ā¨) for the customer paid hard drive
For example Intenso Memory Case 1 TB USB 3.0 provided.

This offer is aimed at end users and home users.

For legal reasons, portatronics assumes no liability whatsoever for the data that is stored on data carriers for data backup or restoration.
The legitimacy of possession of the data to be protected can not be checked by portatronics. Therefore, portatronics does not accept any liability for unlawfully acquired data and only secures it as a service provider.

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