This page serves for the acknowledgment and the tribute to all those, who contributed to the creation of this internet presence and still do.
In particular all those shall be mentioned, who work in the Open Source - communities and the many, who share their knowledge and their ideas on the internet.
As we from
portatronics® indeed understand a lot of repairs and spare parts as well as accessories supply for iPods and iPhones, we do though not have much skills to develop and design an internet presence. Thus those below mentioned were a great and unestimable help and subsidiary and therefore shall not stay unnamed, the more so as the web has become more and more a "self-service store", sometimes helping oneself illegally, and many times without any thanks or acknowledgment.
Although these below mentioned don't know anything about their support, they however served us by dint of their generous and substantial information on their websites and also with software.

In particular are thanked:
- The XT-commerce community: xt-commerce
- Gunnart for many tips, hints and clues: gunnart
- Lokesh Dhakar for "lightbox": huddletogether
- 8works for the help to implement "lightbox": 8works
- grammiweb for tips and tricks: grammiweb
- xtc-shops
for tips and tricksxtc-shops
- css4you
for tips and tricks css4you
- sura 1 wordpress for nice CSS-Tips:  sura1.wordpress
- the style works for very nice CSS-Tips: thestyleworks
- for animated flags: 3D Animated Flags by

- for a nice pagepeel with admin interface, simply terrific: webpicasso

as well as uncounted members of diverse forums
and last not least

- the Mozilla community for "Thunderbird" and "Firefox":
- srware for the browser
recommended by us "Iron":


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