SLODA Akku für Apple MacBook Pro 17 A1309 A1297 Unibody "(2009 Version Anfang 2009 Mitte 2009 Mid-2010) with mounting

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SLODA Akku für Apple MacBook Pro 17 A1309 A1297 Unibody  "(2009 Version Anfang 2009 Mitte 2009 Mid-2010) with mounting

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* High-quality Japanese brand cells with protection against overcharging and short circuit

* High capacity (energy storage capacity for long stand-by times)

* Fits perfectly (100% compatible)

* Highest cycle resistance ie a maximum of charge and discharge cycles

* Real power! No hochgelabelten batteries as frequently offered. What it says is there!

* In accordance with DIN ISO 9001 produced new material, with CE mark of quality

* More capacity = longer duration than the original battery

* Rechargeable batteries have a low self-discharge that is, when not in use very little energy vanishes

* Overcharge and over-heat protection with integrated thermal switch (eg., By external temperature influences)

* The batteries are of the highest quality (eg LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, ...)

* Charging the original chargers

Technical specifications:

Voltage: Battery type: Li-Polymer; Voltage: 7.4V;
mAh mAh;">Capacity: 10800mAh; 9 Cell.

This battery is compatible with the following devices:

MacBook Pro MC226 * / A MC226CH / A MC226J / A MC226LL / A MC226TA / A MC226ZP


replaces the following battery types:

A1309, A1297


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This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday 26 August, 2015.

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